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Sellers’ Agent/Buyers’ Agent Commissions-Times are Changing

How are seller and buyer agent commissions changing?

The recent real estate lawsuit and its impact

on selling your home

The big topic this week is the fallout from the Sitzer Burnett lawsuit in Missouri.

How are commissions for buyers and sellers agents affected and what does this mean for people looking to buy and sell – today and in the future?

First, we dive deep into downtown Chicago’s housing market  – sales, prices, trends, rental prices, and mortgage rates for this week.

That’s followed by a deep dive into how sellers are affected by this lawsuit, both in the short and long term.

As usual, we end the show by sharing interesting and beautiful homes curated for viewers  interested in seeing real estate in downtown Chicago!

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00:00 Start
Real Estate Statistics
01:28 Single Family Homes – Homes Closed, For Sale, Months Supply of Homes, Median Sales Price, Ave Price Per SF, Showings Per Listings
03:14 Condos – Closed, Under Contract, For Sale, Showings Per Listings
04:27 Condo Sales YTD
04:40 Single Family Homes Sales YTD
05:08 ShowingTime Index
05:23 Mortgage Rates
06:10 Rents
06:42 Consumer Confidence Index

08:52 Real Estate News: A monster verdict in the blockbuster case about commissions
09:50 Real estate transactions in the 1900’s
11:42 What Is the Latest Real Estate Lawsuit About?
16:33 The Jury’s Verdict
18:54 Future Implications of the Latest Real Estate Lawsuit

25:08 Interesting Properties For Sale in Chicago

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