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Sheffield Neighbors Historic District

    Sheffield Neighbors Historic District

    This Lincoln Park/DePaul historic district, Sheffield District, is named for Joseph and Maria Sheffield, whose farm was at the site in the late 1830’s. Sheffield Street (1000W) is a major thoroughfare through the area. Homes were built from 188 through the 1900’s, with grand examples of Queen Anne and Romanesque Revival styles. It was first added to the NPS Register of Historic Places in 1976 and there have been 3 boundary increases since that date.

    The area is roughly bounded by Fullerton (north), south to Willow; Larrabee and Lincoln to the east and Southport, Lakewood, and Maud to the west. Shopping along Armitage, Lincoln, and Webster make this a wonderful walking community, and the red and brown line stops at Fullerton and Armitage make it an easy commute to downtown Chicago.

    The Sheffield Neighbors Association is a strong supporter of the community, hosting the annual Sheffield Garden Walk and movies at Trebes Park.

    Special historic homes of note:

    Bissell Street District 2100-block of N. Bissell St. between Webster and Dickens avenues; Iver C. Zarbell. (September 5, 2007)

    Burling Row House District 2225-2245 N. Burling St.; 1875; Edward J. Burling. (November 15, 2000)

    Fremont Row House District 2100-2144 N. Fremont St.; 1875; Edward J. Burling. (March 10, 2004)

    Halsted Willow Group Four buildings located at 1800 N. Halsted, 1732 N. Halsted, 1727-29 N. Halsted and 1733 N. Halsted; 1880- 1889. (October 14, 2021)

    McCormick Row House District A three-square-block area, roughly between Belden (2300N) and Fullerton (2400N) from Halsted (800W) to the elevated tracks; 1882-1889. (May 4, 1977)

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